Saturday, October 2, 2021

Post 4080 - Saturday Night Stuff

Well, hello there.

It is past 2:30 on Sunday morning, but I have until 4am to get this done to have it count as a Saturday post. Weird, amirite?

We had a quiet day, but went for a drive in the afternoon. We had a nice lunch at Delish! in Tantallon and bought some early Christmas candy, which comes from the U.K., and which tastes much better than the corresponding stuff produced here. Quality Street candy from the U.K. is leagues better than what is produced in Canada. There is no comparison. Costs more, but worth it.

Dennis told me that they had received about 40% of the candy and meat pies and so on that they will get. The store looks very festive. You should check it out. It is in that little plaza in Tantallon past the Superstore and the lights. There is also an RBC and a pizza place in the same plaza. Plenty of free parking. What are you waiting for?

We got home and watched some stuff on the PVR before settling in and watching the first few episodes of The Morning Show, starring Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Aniston, and Steve Carell. We have the remaining seven or so episodes of season one, and then can start on season two. We like it a lot so far.

Also watched the season opener of SNL, with Owen Wilson as the guest host. Some country like singer as the musical guest. 

These are quiet days, but the upcoming week will be much busier. I need to finish my next cold case article. Patricia has an appointment downtown on Monday afternoon, so I will likely go to the library to do some research. Then we will return home and... likely watch more stuff on the PVR. What an exciting life we lead.

Late. Nearly three. Think I will turn in.

See you tomorrow.


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