Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Post 4081 - Wednesday Night Fun Times

Well, hello there.

Sorry I haven't written for a few days. Turned in early for a while there, and was feeling a bit under the weather to boot.

But, I have also been busy. The weather was quite clement so I was able to finish staining the back deck and the privacy panel, on Tuesday. On Wednesday I walked around the deck and found some places that I had missed in the staining, mostly a couple of the major posts for the deck. They're hard to get to, and I am now out of stain, so I guess I can buy a half gallon of stain, have it properly tinted, and then use that to tackle the places that I missed. 

We keep looking at places to move to, but we have decided that with all that I have spent on this place in the last year or so, that we do not want to move to a house where I would have to spend all that money all over again on doors and windows and a deck and so on. Would be a foolish waste of money. The new owners would have the benefit of my investment, and we would have to spend more money on a house that was new to us. 

I spent quite a bit of time over the last two days working on my latest cold case article for the magazine. This article is a bit different from other ones in the series. It is about a man who likely killed himself, but there are enough mysteries and unanswered questions about his death that give one pause, so my editor and I decided it would fit in the boundaries of the series. I sent the article to my editor late Wednesday afternoon, along with some pictures and newspaper headlines and such. The new issue goes on sale next week. 

This article is rife with politics, so on a whim I spent some time this evening looking on wikipedia at the list of all the men who have been Premier of Nova Scotia. My memory goes back to Gerry Regan, the 1970's. But I had heard of many of the people for quite a few years before that. Going back even further, there are men who were premier who are utterly unfamiliar with me. I read some of their bios, and skimmed through a book I have about the Premiers of the province, but I guess what I am saying is that we do a really poor job of noting who has been in charge of the province over the years.

The Legislature has these names and pictures hanging on a wall, and if you go to the Leg library, there must be information about these men, but I don't see plaques with their names on them, or buildings named after them, or much of anything else. I daresay that in most cases, their hometowns don't have anything to mark that they came from there. 

That is... a little sad, isn't it? Our historical record is being lost bit by bit, every day.

Thursday beckons. We have a few plans for the day. Let's see if we stick to those plans.

And, Friday: lobster supper at the Shore Club. Never been!

See you tomorrow.


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