Thursday, October 7, 2021

Post 4082 - Thursday Night Things

 Well, there you are! I have been looking all over for you.

We had a quiet day. I had finished my latest column for Frank on Wednesday, so we were a bit out of sorts today. We did go to Dartmouth to the Gateway Meat Market, and then to the bank, and then to Kent Building Supplies in Bayer's Lake, as I did decide to buy a small can of the semi-transparent stain for the back deck, to cover up the small areas that I had missed during my work. 

Around 4pm, I got into my painting and staining clothes and went outside. I used more than half of that quart can, actually the 941ML can if you want to be exact. I went over the posts and beams of the deck, making sure that the areas I had missed now had some stain on them, and the other areas now had two coats on them. There is still about a third of a can left. On Friday I will walk around the deck one last time and see if I might have missed something else. I will use every last drop of the stain on the deck. 

I should have done this long before I did. August was not a dry month, which led us to September when I wanted to do the job but did not always get the chance until toward the end, when I applied the initial coat on the deck, privacy panel, posts, and steps. Then, laziness. Then, more rain, followed by more laziness. The weather improved in the last few days, which is when I decided to take the last can of stain and apply the second coat to the deck. Then, I realized I had missed some spots so I bought the quart can on Thursday. 

I have now officially reached the point in my life when I am overly-concerned about the state of my deck and veranda and side steps, which the carpenters refurbished in 2020 as the original steps were getting to be in poor shape. I have been staining the front and side for many years, but did not spend much time on the back deck over the years because it was in deplorable condition and unusable. Finally, in 2014, I replaced the front steps with the veranda and had the back deck torn down, replaced by a glorified landing. I kept that stained. That was replaced last year by the magnificent deck and privacy panel that I can't stop typing about. You really have to see it.


So, as I mentioned last night, on Friday we will have dinner at the Shore Club in Hubbards. We have heard about their legendary lobster suppers for many years, and have decided it was high time to go. So that is our Thanksgiving present to ourselves. Happy Thanksgiving Day!

I think I will turn in. It is past one ayem. I need my beauty sleep. And, besides, Newbie is giving me that look. 

See you tomorrow.


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