Saturday, October 9, 2021

Post 4084 - Saturday Night Things

Hello there.

A day spent doing not much. I did go out in the afternoon and used the last of the semi-transparent stain on the parts of the back deck that I had missed. I think I used every last drop of the stuff, applying the last few drops on the raised beam that we store plants and things on. It should be dry by Sunday morning, or maybe yet a bit sticky. Will know in the morning.

As I stated before, I have reached the point in my life where I am concerned about the colour, amount, and even texture of the preservatives I use to keep my back deck, front veranda, and side steps, looking pretty and functional. 

We have discussed seeing some pumpkin people in the Valley on Sunday. It started in the Kentville area the better part of 20 years ago. The main public areas of the town are dotted with these creatures, stuffed with straw or hay, and with a pumpkin for a head. But I remember driving around some of the side streets in Kentville and seeing these things on people's lawns. If we go down there tomorrow, we will do that as well, I think.

Or maybe we will just stay put. Not sure yet.

See you tomorrow.



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