Monday, October 11, 2021

Post 4086 - Monday NIght Things

Well, hello there, young fella.

I had another quiet day. Instead of going to check out the pumpkin people this weekend, we kept the car in the driveway and did not go anywhere. 

It is the end of another Thanksgiving weekend, the second since I retired. Back in the old days, I would be in bed by now, hoping to get some sleep so I could return to work in the morning. Since then, my schedule has gone crazy and my sleep apnea was diagnosed and I have been using a CPAP machine to address the problem, which throws off my sleep pattern, so I am not sure if I could go back to work full time any more. Or whether I want to. Or what I would do if I did want to go back to work. 


I think I need a bit more structure in my life. I can only spend so much time staining a back deck and mowing the lawn and doing stuff around the house. Do I volunteer? Take a part time job? 

Suggestions are always welcome.

I think I will turn in. One ayem here.

See you tomorrow.


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