Saturday, October 16, 2021

Post 4088 - Saturday Night Things

 Hello again.

Another quiet day. We went into Bayer's Lake to hang out at Chapters, but did not buy anything, which is unusual to say the least. Perhaps we did not buy anything because we visited a couple of those "Little Small Libraries" in the area and picked up a few books. Like I don't already have enough books.

Checked out Mission Mart for the first time in several months. Patricia got a cashmere-based top, which she would like to wear with a pashmina (also cashmere-based, as you know) whilst reading a book and sipping tea in her favourite chair in the living room. I bought nothing.

We went to Sobeys on the way home, and picked up some food. We also got some TP, as we hear that people are hoarding it again, and we do not want to run out, as we do not have a bidet here at Casa Bevboy. 

We spent the last several hours watching stuff on the PVR, and about half of this week's SNL. When the musical performer came on, we turned off the show as it was the live broadcast and we could not fast forward through it. 

The weekend is half over. What fun things await us on Sunday?

Let's find out.

See you tomorrow.


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