Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Post 4091 - Tuesday Night Things of Note

 Hello again.

This will be another brief post. We want to hit the road comparatively early in the morning for a day trip. Because we did not to anywhere on Tuesday.

We watched a bunch of stuff on the PVR, including a film shot in Nova Scotia 25 years ago, "Two if by Sea". It starred Denis Leary and Sandra Bullock. Leary had top billing and helped write what I will charitably call the script, and even had a role in producing. He always plays smarmy a-holes. We think it is because he likely is a smarmy a-hole in real life.

It is one of those movies full of unsympathetic characters who try to charm you into liking them, but if you knew such a person in real life you would avoid them at all costs. Leary and Bullock are thieves who stole a rare painting and have to meet up with someone to be paid for the theft. And then the hijinks ensue. 

It was a bit of fun to see the Nova Scotia represented in the film as it was 25 years ago. We recognized a few places here and there.

We will never see this piece of junk again. Leary and Bullock likely will not suggest that their fans check it out, either.

Much more satisfying was this week's episode of "Moonshine", which gets better every week. I am not keeping score, but episode eight must be coming up soon, which would be the season ender. They are either done filming season two, or will be done soon. I am guessing it will run sometime in 2022. No word yet on a season three. Fingers crossed. I hope the show runs for years and years.

It is pushing one in the morning. I think I will turn in so I can get up early so we can hit the road.

See you tomorrow.


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