Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Post 4094 - Tuesday Night Fun Times

Well, hello there.

Sorry I haven't written the last few days. Been a little under the weather at night and turned in early. No excuse, though. You know I love you all.

On Saturday we went to the Valley for a day trip. Had lunch in Wolfville at the newest pub there, unless there is yet another newer pub there. It is the one that used to be the men's clothing store. That one. I can tell you that the crab cakes eggs benedict was much better than the meal we had there last year. We will go back.

We drove around a bit, ending up in Kentville to look at the pumpkin people. We took some back roads in the town and people still put them out on their front lawn, which is a gas. And then we went up a hill in the older part of town and kept going and going and going. They are building several new subdivisions up there, which I never knew about. Lovely homes in a part of town that needs them, but too many in the area cannot afford them at all. I guess so-called "affordable housing" is not on anybody's mind these days.

On Sunday I got a lovely email from someone who told me that the scrapbooks about her father had been returned to her, along with a court transcript featuring her father as a defence attorney. We were invited to go to her place to check them out. We went on Monday morning and had a lovely chat. She and her husband were kind enough to let us borrow all those materials. I spent about three hours Tuesday afternoon scanning in every page of one of those scrapbooks. Painstaking work; it is very easy to make a mistake and have the scanner miss something, or take a blurry "picture". I have a second such scrapbook to scan in. I will work on that on Wednesday. Then I will scan in the transcripts. 

These documents amount to a significant historical treasure trove of information that just landed in my lap by pure happenstance. She happened to read the issue of Frank that had the article about a cold case murder which mentioned her father, because he had defended the man accused of killing the victim. She decided to call my editor to comment about the piece and to correct an error that I had made (which I had made because a source I quoted was incorrect). I daresay that if I had not made that error she might not have called the magazine and set these actions in motion. 

I had speculated on the exact location of the place where the victim of the cold case had worked. I had four corners to work with. I knew two of them were something else so I could eliminate them. But I figured it was another corner. I now have a picture of the place where the victim worked all those years ago and believe I was wrong. It is the opposite corner of what I had thought. I think. Not perhaps worthy of a formal correction in the magazine, but something that bothers me nonetheless.

The lady I spoke with on Monday is convinced that the man accused of killing the victim was 100% not guilty. She bases that opinion on having read the transcript. I had already reached that conclusion so I look forward to reading it and having that opinion verified. Still means that the victim's murder has never been solved, but the wrong man did not get convicted of it, which should mean something to you.

I will come out and say right here and now that if your parent or uncle or whatever was a defence attorney in Nova Scotia back in the day and defended a person who was found not guilty, and the case has remained unsolved to the present day, please tell me about it. Especially if you happen to have articles or other documents to share with me. I will take tremendous care of them and return them to you in excellent condition. As well, I will share with you the digital copy that I make, at no charge to you at all. You get all your documents back intact, and a free digital copy of them to boot. 

Heck, if you happen to have any Nova Scotia related vintage newspaper articles featuring crime stories from years and years ago, I would like to see those as well. I will scan them in and return them to you along with that free digital copy I just mentioned.

Your best bet is to contact me via email right here. I guarantee your anonymity if you request it. Thank you. 

It is past one in the morning. I think I will turn in. Lots of scanning to do in the morning.

See you tomorrow.


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