Thursday, October 28, 2021

Post 4095 - Thursday Night Frolics

Well, hello there.

Sorry that I did not write on Wednesday. Turned in relatively early. 

Wednesday I scanned in the second scrap book containing dozens of articles about the long ago Halifax attorney. I knew he had a significant, albeit brief, career, but to see so many of his cases laid out before me like this really goes to show what kind of man he was. A fascinating look at the province's legal system from back in the day.

On Thursday afternoon, I scanned in notes regarding the victim's death and the person's autopsy report. These are legal-sized pages, and my scanner does not accommodate that size paper, so I had to improvise. Each page was scanned in twice. I got as much as I could the first time, adjusted the paper so the scanner could capture that section of the page, and scanned in the rest. I used the crop option to reduce the amount of redundant information. It took a while as you might imagine.

On Friday I will start to scan in the trial court transcript. It is 92 pages. I have decided to break it down into 25 page "chunks", using the method I described above. It will result in four PDF documents. I am being meticulous about this because once I return the documents and the scrapbooks, I will never see them again, as the owner was exceptionally kind to me in lending them to me in the first place but naturally wants them back.

The weekend is starting to shape up. Saturday may lead to a day trip. Friday we have a thing downtown. Sunday is a bit up in the air.

Next week we plan to go to the cottage and shut it down for the year.

I spent some time just now importing bookmarks from an old computer. I did not realize they were this old. Many of them are dead links, giving me 404 errors or pointing to a no-longer-existing website hijacked by someone willing to sell that domain to me. 

I am guessing there is a utility out there somewhere that can check all my bookmarks to see which ones are crap and delete them, but I don't know what it would be called or if it is worth the bother. These old bookmarks were ones I just wanted to have around if I needed to do some research of some kind. The ones that still work can be useful, but back in the day, I used to bookmark everything. I am not certain as to why.

It is nearly 2 in the morning. I want to get a relatively early start on the day, so I will call it an early morning.

See you tomorrow.


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