Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Post 4096 - Tuesday Night Things

Well, hello there.

Sorry I haven't written the last few days. I have been busy, sort of. Lots of sleep. I think I was fighting something. I do feel better.

We did do a day trip on Saturday to the Valley for the day. There was a Hallowe'en themed craft and food sale in Baxter's Harbour, so against all logic and common sense, we got in the car around 8:45 Saturday morning and drove straight there, arriving around 10:15.

We both got some things. Patricia got a bag of tea from a woman who produces teas out of her home, which is nearby. I got some cookies. We both regretted not bringing more money. There is another such sale in a couple of weeks and we may go to it.

Afterward, we walked around the village, which many think is in the middle of nowhere, and many would not be wrong. It is where my mother spent many of her formative years, including those when she met my father. In the late 1950's, her parents and the three other kids all up and moved to Beaver Harbour, New Brunswick, in search of work. They remained there, which is why I have so many cousins and extended family in that fine province. One uncle moved back to Nova Scotia a couple of years ago, again, and I am pretty sure he is the last uncle I have on either side of the family. 

We have been giving a great deal of thought as to where we want to spend our so-called golden years. They are approaching more quickly than we would like. Remaining in this house in this part of town has its disadvantages, which are becoming increasingly apparent the longer we stay here. Returning to the Valley or some other quieter part of the province appeals to both of us in a fundamental way. 

The city is getting on our nerves. There is never enough quiet. There are foolish rules imposed on us by foolish people at city hall. The downtown is something we avoid unless we have an unavoidable reason to go there, like going to the archives or something. The place is becoming so crowded, and there are too many people kvetching about things that are important to them but not important to us. Instead of being a fun and dynamic place, it is becoming dour and a chore to go most anywhere. We want to get out while the getting is good.

But the market is crazy and we are kind of stuck here. There is no place for us to move to as prices are through the roof.  At least there is a mortgage and we are locked in for some time and are not at the mercy of some landlord who wants to jack up the rent for no good reason. We have to count our blessings. So we are.

On Saturday, we had lunch at the Smiling Irish Pub in New Minas. The food was fine for what it was. Patricia had a burger. I had a clubhouse sandwich with salad. The place is changing its focus after the holidays and will become a place that sells ribs and the like, I guess a barbecue joint, so there will be a new name. 

We returned home mid-afternoon. I spent a few hours Saturday night scanning in the first 30 pages of the court trial transcript for that case all those years ago. I did 30 more pages on Monday and completed the job on Tuesday. 

Sunday we stayed in. We did not buy any candy for the kids and kept the lights off. Only one person knocked on the door, but we ignored them. 

Monday I was not feeling well. Did some of that scanning I just mentioned. And then I had to take a nap late in the afternoon. Patricia felt poorly on Tuesday while I felt fine. Not sure what is going on. Probably nothing.

And now it is Wednesday morning, just past one. I think I will turn in. I still have some scanning of scrap book pages to finish in the morning. 

You all take care of yourselves. 

See you tomorrow.


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