Friday, November 5, 2021

Post 4097 - Friday Night Frolics

Well, hello there again, my friends.

It is now late on Friday night. I did not write the last couple of nights and feel badly about it. I turned in and fell asleep and that was that. It is just as well as we did little those two days.

I was feeling lazy. I should not be. I have two true crime articles to write and one other that I need to finish research on so that I can pitch an idea to my editor. But I did not do any of that at all.

On Friday we did leave the house to pick up some cat food for Newbie and then drove to Tanatallon to get some fresh litter for him. We ended up having an agreeable dinner at Vernon's in Hammonds Plains. I had a hot turkey sandwich with soup on the side; Patricia had ribs and took half of them home for lunch on Saturday. 

We got groceries at the Sobeys in Tantallon and returned home. I stored the half price apple cider vinegar and half price extra virgin olive oil in the pantry we keep downstairs and moved to the home office in the next door and here I am, typing away. Newbie is on my lap and regarding the screen as I type the words, probably cursing me for every other word. I hate a lap top editor.

We have not quite decided what we will do on the weekend. We do need to take care of some domestic things this weekend and will likely do at least some of them, but just when is hard to say. It is the nature of being retired that we can do what we want when we want, hampered only by money and lack of imagination. 

Also in the coming days I need to do more research at the library and the archives. Another all day thing. Fun times. 

I am starting to see the downside of the messenger bag thingy that Patricia got me for Christmas a couple of years ago. I know she got it at a good price, which is important; and it is much better than the bag I had at the time, which went to the garbage right after I got this one. I just want a bag that I can seal a bit better and which has a better strap when I walk around with it. Some of the bags I see on Facebook Marketplace have far too many nooks and crannies for holding paper and pens and whatever else. Don't need that. Just an open space to hold my notebook which has my research notes and an interior pocket to hold a thumb drive and the membership card to the archives. I have a perfectly good pencil case in the current bag to hold all the writing instruments I will ever need, so a jumble of side pockets is unnecessary and might actually get in the way. The messenger bag I have now is simple and that is what I like. I just want it to be something I can strap shut quickly, yet open without much effort. 

So, if you see something, relatively cheap, let me know. Thank you.

I think I will turn in. I believe Saturday will be a busy day for us.

See you tomorrow.






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