Saturday, November 6, 2021

Post 4098 - Saturday Night Shenanigans

Hello again, my friends.

Welcome to Saturday night.

We did not do the thing today that we had discussed doing. We stayed put except for a mid-afternoon trip to Clayton Park and Bayer's Lake. We had brunch at the Lower Deck. We both had eggs benny with salmon. It was fine for what it was. The coffee was okay. The water was fine. I left a nice tip.

Went to the local Dollarama and found a slash guard thingy for a microwave. The one we have had for a long time, rescued from the valley house last year and old even then, has been all but falling apart. Spent $1.25 plus tax for a new one today. Hope it lasts for a while. Funny how an item will be in one Dollarama but not in another one, because the Tantallon store on Friday did not have this item at all. Plenty of them in the Clayton Park store on Saturday.

We returned home and watched some stuff on the pvr. Spent some time watching season two episodes of The Morning Show. 

Tonight is the night we change clocks back. Most of you have smart phones and other devices that automatically change times, but I still have quite a few clock radios in this house and it is a process to remember to change all of them, twice a year. I have done most of the ones here downstairs, but the ones on the main level have not been done, and don't get me started on the clock radios in the top level of the house. Plus, what about the wall clocks in the house, the ones that run on simple AA batteries? That is a job unto itself. Getting stressed just thinking about it. 

Perhaps the thing we did not do on Saturday, we will do on Sunday. Let's hope so. 

I think I will turn in. Want to try to get an earlier start on things on Sunday.

See you tomorrow.


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