Monday, November 8, 2021

Post 4099 - Monday Evening Things

Well, hello again.

Another day not doing much. This is becoming a habit. 

The plan to do the thing we wanted to do did not happen on Sunday. Nor did it happen on Monday. The latest plan is to do this thing on Wednesday, so sure, let's do it then. 

The new issue of Frank Magazine is out online today; the print magazine hits stores and people's mail boxes in a day or two. It has my John Grant article, which has been online for a few weeks now. They even ran a letter written to the magazine's editor the very day it was published online. I do not get many letters of comment on my work so it is gratifying to see this one.

The article is about whether this politically-connected, South End lawyer killed himself in 1988, which is the popular belief, or whether he was murdered. If it was a murder, it was a big, sloppy, ugly kind of murder that should make any police official think it was anything but a murder. Which is why I think it was a suicide, all things considered. The argument for his death being a murder is that nobody could kill himself by stabbing himself dozens of times. 

I am not sure about that. I have written and read articles about a man who weighted himself down with rocks and jumped into a body of water and drowned, after doing the same thing to his daughter, only after he had beaten her about the head until she should have died, but still she clung to life. 

I knew a man who hanged himself in his apartment using very basic equipment. He left behind friends, relatives, and children who had to go on with their life without him in it. It was a tragedy, and years later, people who cared for him are still trying to understand it.

I know of a man who jumped off the Macdonald bridge here in Halifax. I can only imagine what his final seconds were like, seeing the water approach him, and what that split second moment of impact felt like. I hope there was no pain for that pained man, but I cannot be sure.

In short, I have no doubt what the human spirit can do to the human body once it gets its mind made up to commit a tragic act. 

So, yes, I am inclined to believe that John Grant killed himself. He just did it in a way inconsistent with other methods I have seen, read, and heard about. The genteel press of the day, couple with a medical examiner who was perhaps not the right guy for the job, only added to the mystery swirling around Grant's death.

I wrote the John Grant article to see if anybody would write with more information about him, either to agree with me, or to refute my work. The letter published in the magazine today provides some such information. Perhaps, though, some other information will come in, which will lead to a follow up piece. Hope springs eternal.

Grant killed himself, in my opinion. Meanwhile, from what I have heard, another man believed to have killed himself not long before Grant died, was murdered. Not sure what I can do with that information. We will have to see.

I still have not written the two articles I have promised my editor for subsequent issues of the magazine. I will do it this week. Then, there is the longer term project that will require quite a bit of time to sift through, research, and write. You will see what I mean when it is published in a few months. 

It is now one in the morning. I really should turn in. We have some plans for Tuesday, you see.

See you tomorrow.


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