Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Post 4101 - Wednesday Night Things

Hello again.

It is late on Wednesday night. Technically, Thursday morning.

That thing we were going to do on Wednesday, we did not do. Instead, Patricia went to an appointment in Dartmouth. Afterwards, we went to the Smitty's restaurant on Main Street and had a decent meal. After that, we walked up the strip mall to the Salvation Army store, where I picked up a couple of shirts for cheap. We also contributed a box of sundries to the place, which earned us a 20% off certificate, much appreciated. 

We noticed a few drinking glasses. Since we keep breaking the ones we have, we picked up four "new" ones for 99 cents each, less the 20% discount I just mentioned. 

We returned home, and for whatever reason, I napped for the rest of the afternoon. Probably the rainy weather and the November doldrums.

Thursday is Remembrance Day. We are staying close to home. Friday, the car goes in for its inspection and the next level of service for its warranty and to swap out the all seasons for the Winter tires. It will be an expensive day. Saturday, we have a special thing to go to, which I will tell you all about that evening. It should be pretty neat.

People have been writing to ask me how I am doing. I think I am doing fine. My eyes are a little dry, probably from the CPAP machine, so I keep rubbing them, and I know I should not do that. I am sleeping more than I normally do, and it feels natural, so I indulge myself. Perhaps I should not do that, either. But I feel fine. Thank you for asking.

I have not written those next two cold cases. I have not given much thought to how I will tackle the mountain of content that hit me a couple of weeks ago. It is fascinating stuff, and I know it needs to be written about. I just am not sure how to handle it, is all. A relatively short article about someone who should have a book written about him seems to be not enough. We will see.

I think I will turn in. I don't want to sleep in until noon. 11am is plenty late for that.

See you tomorrow.


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