Monday, November 15, 2021

Post 4102 - Monday Night Fun Times

Well, hello there again, my friends.

Sorry it has taken me several days to get around to writing another blog post. I have been turning in early the last evenings. Tired. Nothing to write about. I guess.

Saturday, though, was quite eventful. We got up at 5 to cook breakfast and pile in the car and attend a course in producing medicines. Grabbing roots or flowers or whatever, and making a tonic from it, or a salve, or applying it topically somehow. It was fascinating. We kept the notes. At the end of it, we were served a home made lunch, which was out of this world. Squash soup with a lovely salad, along with an assortment of desserts. Plus the freshest water I have probably ever had. And at one point, we had to make our own tea, so I grabbed some of this and some of that and some of something else, put in a tea bag and let is sit in hot water for ten minutes before drinking it. I am not sure what to call that tea, but I enjoyed it.

We returned home around dinner time, after a quick trip to a couple of surrounding communities. I picked up a local cook book for ten bucks. Been looking at it. It is one of those cook books produced by women's institutes in a given community and sold to raise funds for whatever purpose. I had no idea this book even existed until the other day, and now I have my own copy. Kinda sweet.

We have otherwise kept close to home. Haven't gone too far except to get some groceries. That was fun as well. Picked up five boneless/skinless turkey breasts, each of them 50% off. They are resting in the freezer. We figure we will cook two of them for Christmas dinner next month, and have plenty of leftovers. The rest can sit there all Winter if necessary. 

I know that we were going to use Air Miles to pay for our Christmas dinner, but this deal the other day was too good to pass up, so we indulged ourselves. We were getting dirty looks from others in the store, who would have taken full advantage of the deal had they seen the breasts in time. Sorry, folks. Nothing personal.

I spent some time on Monday preparing the next two cold case articles, and have spent far too much time this evening considering a missing persons case from back in the day that suddenly was removed from the list with no explanation. I thought it was this one case; now, I am starting to think it is another. I am not sure. Both of these cases disappeared from the missing persons list some time ago with no explanation. One of these two cases is slightly more likely to have turned out the way an online article explained it, so I am thinking it is this other person and not the first. I am not sure how to go with this. You understand.

I am going to turn in now. I have an appointment in the morning that leads into the afternoon. I am looking forward to looking into this new information.

You all have a good evening. Talk at you tomorrow.


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