Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Post 4103 - Tuesday Night Times

Hello again.

Welcome to nearly Wednesday night. 

I got up very early on Tuesday morning, around 7:30. I took the 8am bus downtown because I wanted to try to confirm something at the library regarding a couple of missing persons cases and turned out to have very little luck. I also went to my credit union to confirm that they had received my information about the mortgage, as there is starting to be talk of an interest rate hike in the coming months and I like the rate I am locked in at. All good.

Then, I walked to the Archives to check out something else for a couple of hours. Found nothing. Not giving up.

I am likely out of my mind, spending all this time researching these old-timey cases, but I cannot think of anything else I would rather do, to be honest with you. 

I did not work today on writing either of the two cold case articles I have long promised my editor I would do. Let's try to do that on Wednesday?

Or Thursday. 

Soon. I promise.

Downtown today, I was reminded again how much I dislike being downtown. If the Archives would move out my way, or a closer library branch had the microfilm carts that are downtown, I would be delighted to go there instead. However, I am stuck going downtown, which is overtaken by construction of housing that is affordable to very few, and desired by even fewer. What am I still doing here in the city, anyway? I cannot help but think my time here has passed, so why don't I just get out while the getting is good?

Good questions.

I think I will turn in. It is past midnight and I want to get up relatively early.

See you tomorrow.


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