Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Post 4106 - Tuesday Night Statements

Well, hello there.

Sorry I haven't written the last several days. My injury to my foot was more severe than I thought. We went out on Friday afternoon. Just that small amount of walking just about did me in. Saturday I was in such pain I could barely walk up the stairs, so I mostly stayed by myself. Sunday was not much better. Monday I felt better, but the power went out before I could write a blog post so nothing from me. 

Today, Tuesday, I felt much better. My foot is still a little sore, but nothing like what it was last week. I really should spend some time thinking about what shoes I wear, or even going to a place that makes shoes for me, as Patricia tells me I walk funny. Like my feet point away from me as I walk, rather than go straight ahead. I have no idea what she means. I mean, I understand what she means; but I see people walk that way all the time, and nothing seems to be the matter.

But whatever I did last week so messed up my right foot that I could barely put weight on it for several days. It hurt so much that sitting down hurt, as it placed extra resistance on the foot for just a split second. I have been using a cane to get around the house for the last several days. 

So, that's what I have been up to.

I need to finish some work to complete the scanning in of these old documents from long ago. I have been trying the patience of the people who lent them to me, and I feel badly about that. I should have spent some time on it today, but I slept in until noon. The power being out Monday night meant I could not sleep using the CPAP machine, so I have been half out of it all day. I am guessing that is the way I was for all the years I was not using that machine, which makes me feel stupid for not having started to use the CPAP machine years ago. 

Two things so far this week. The messed up foot. And the inability to use the CPAP machine Monday night. What other treats await me?

Still following the news. Halifax announced they were going to look at a 5.9% property tax increase for next year. Then, the mayor announced that they were going to ask city staff to come up with a, 3.7 or 3.9% increase instead. Sorry about that. Ha ha. Tee hee. 

Folks, the 3.7% increase was on the table to begin with. You know it, and so do I. By going down from 5.9%, they are now looking like heroes. Never mind that with all the housing being sold at the much higher prices, that the city is making far more money on property taxes now than they ever have. They want more. 

I try not to get too terribly involved in civic politics. It is grassroots and people get quite passionate about things that don't seem very interesting to me. But this tax increase really ticks me off. That, plus all the other BS in the city, really makes us want to live somewhere else. But there is no real supply somewhere else out there. The market is so insane with such little supply that I think we are stuck here for a while. 

Doesn't make us happy.

It is now 12:30am on Wednesday. I think I will turn in. I want to try to get up earlier in the morning than I have recently. Can only do me good.

See you tomorrow.


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